Luís Coelho releases “Contos de Cordas”

Luís Coelho releases his first album “Contos de Cordas” with the Museu do Fado

Luís Coelho presents his debut album “Contos de Cordas“, edited by the Fado Museum. With original compositions of his own, Luís Coelho’s musical work is based on sounds of the Portuguese guitar, classical guitar, double bass and harp, presenting a soundscape inspired by traditional Portuguese music and classical music, seeking a balance in its borders. With Salomé Pais Matos on the harp, Carlos Menezes on the double bass, and guest appearances by Sofia Neide, Carlos Leitão, Luís Peixoto and Pedro Janela.

Abandoning the Portuguese guitar led me to create a dialectical relationship with the guitar. Whoever indulges is intoxicated by its timbre and often imagines words in the moaning or screaming sounds of its strings, as if the guitar itself spoke to us… The enchantment can be such that it transports us to a time in which oral traditions – and the tales – made us look inside ourselves and our Fado. The strings of the Portuguese guitar have this “once upon a time” charm that we are passionate about and that is documented here through the intimate language of the tales. A narrative between the strings of the Portuguese Guitar, Harpa and Contrabass, with some notes of Viola de Fado and Sanfona” tells us the artist.

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