Luís Conceição says Portugal are favorites to win European futsal

Portuguese women’s futsal coach Luís Conceição said today that his team has to take on the role of favorite to win the first edition of the European Championship, but warned of the quality of Ukraine, Spain, and Russia.

“Portugal is a favorite, as any of the teams present,” said the Portuguese coach, “and we have to take over, we want to win and make history for Portuguese futsal. to announce the 14 elected, who will represent Portugal in the Pavilion Multiusos de Gondomar.

The ‘quinas’ team, which has five Benfica players among the squad, will face Ukraine in the semi-finals on February 15, an opponent that Luís Conceição defines as “aggressive and very physical.”

“We have played a few games with Ukraine and we have won, but they have been balanced games with little difference of goals. It will be a difficult team because they are very physically challenged by the individual and very aggressive duels. have arguments to overcome them, “he said.

Playing in the national territory can have a significant impact on their players, according to Luís Conceição, although he remembers that it is necessary to be “focused” for the “exigência” of the games.

“It can be important to factor home and give us some favoritism, no doubt. We know that the Portuguese public when it is necessary to be present, give support and strength, says present and will help us,” he finished.

Portugal made their mark among the four best teams in Europe thanks to the victories against the Czech Republic (12-0), Finland (3-1) and Serbia (11-0).

The final phase takes place at the Gondomar Multipurpose Pavilion, where the ‘quinas’ team will face Ukraine in the semi-finals on 15 February while Spain faces Russia on the same day. The final of the competition is scheduled for day 17.

List of 14 conveners:

– Goalkeepers: Ana Catarina (Benfica) and Naty (Quinta dos Lombos).

– Ala / Pivot: Lídia Moreira (Novasemente) and Sara Ferreira (Benfica).

– Universal: Ana Azevedo (FC Vermoim) and Fifó (Benfica).

– Fixed: Inês Fernandes (Benfica).

– Pivot: Carla Vanessa (Santa Luzia).

– Ala: Cátia Morgado (Sporting), Pisko (Novasemente), Janice Silva (Benfica), Jenny (Burela Pescados Ruben, Esp), Rute Duarte (Grupo Desportivo Valverde) and Taninha (Lazio Calcio, Ita).

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