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Luis de Matos was a special guest on a South Korean television program

Luis de Matos is the international guest on the South Korean SBS series “The Magic Star”. The program premiered on June 1st.

‘The Magic Star’ is a show in which magicians from South Korea, as well as magicians active around the world, compete with magic that goes beyond their own limits.

The Magic Star

The Portuguese magician has joined the “Star Judges” who will provide commentary from various perspectives. They will evaluate performances never seen before. The jury includes film director Jang Hang-jun, actor Jin Seon-gyu and actress Han Hye-jin, singer Kim Jong-min and announcer Park Sun-young.

From the first day of recording, the presence of Luís de Matos caused great unrest in the room, with the competing magicians repeatedly expressing their respect for the Portuguese magician.

As a guest judge and according to the publication “Naver, Luis de Matos exuded a unique presence by personally evaluating the magicians’ acts and sparing no advice.

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