Luís Rego debuts in the tale in an “informal” and “surreal”

The writer Luís Rego will launch on Friday in the Azores the work “A Fajã de Cima.” Or how the cane boot became more attractive than the high heel, which offers “a creative writing” and “slightly surreal” “.

The author, born in Ponta Delgada, on the island of São Miguel, believes that the book is a “fun result” that abdicates the “formalism of literature” and opted for “very simple” words in its construction.

The narrative of the book has as a pretext the parish of Fajã de Cima, on the outskirts of Ponta Delgada, where “the city ends and the countryside begins, where lives intersect, a bit like two vinyl records that mix to create a song completely new “.

“It’s not a boot, but it’s not a high heel either. It’s another song or, if you like, other stories, other characters, other frontiers that can easily overcome the barrier of logic or even pure and simple common sense. And is not so good a DJ at four o’clock in the morning at the Feast of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira? “, asks the writer.

For Luís Rego, it was possible to construct a “universe of symbologies, allegories and characters” around the concept “where the city ends and the field begins”, and vice versa, based on an “informal and light” register.

To exemplify the level of surrealism that some of the stories reach, the writer tells a scenario where “malta in Fajã de Cima is drinking a few beers at a café and decides to promote a party, with pork in the skewer and music, and ends up wanting to invite Fidel Castro because there is a character who lives in the locality who worked in Cuba many years as a physical trainer “.

“Someone still remembers that he is already dead, something that is completely irrelevant. And the party takes place with a poster with the words ‘Fidel Castro’s posthumous visit to Fajã de Cima’,” describes the author of the book. to convey the “lack of commitment” that exists in the work with seriousness and formalism.

Luís Rego, whose literary debut took place in 2012 with the children’s book “The Horizontal Skyscraper”, considers that there is a project of someone who “loves to write.”

The writer lived a great part of his life in Lisbon, where he served as an advertising copywriter at the multinational McCann Erickson, later moving to Fisher Portugal, South America’s largest communication group.

He was creative director of HDG Açores, an agency that was known for creating the Azores brand.

The presentation of the work, edited by Letras Lavadas, will be in charge of Maria das Mercês Pacheco and the author himself, in an event that arises under the “Archipelago of Writers” initiative.

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