Luís Trigacheiro edits “Quem Me Vê – Ao Vivo no Tivoli BBVA”

with the participation of Tiago Nogueira

Quem Me Vê”, the third single by Luís Trigacheiro taken from his debut album, now has a live version with the special participation of Tiago Nogueira d’Os Quatro e Meia.

The invitation for this participation was made for the presentation concert of “Fado do Meu Cante” at the Tivoli BBVA Theater, in Lisbon, and Tiago Nogueira (who wrote the song with his bandmate Ricardo Lis Almeida) appeared by surprise. before the audience that filled the room on that memorable night.

This was the concert that opened the Fado do Meu Cante tour and which has traveled the country from lés to lés, with more than 30 dates scheduled in 2022. The capture and editing of the live images of this concert were made by André Tentúgal and can be It is expected that more live themes will be available soon.

Quem Me Vê – Live at Tivoli BBVA” is now available on all digital platforms.

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