Luísa Sobral presents “Serei Sempre uma Mulher”

2º Single do álbum "DanSando"

“Serei Sempre uma Mulher” is one of the themes that integrate “DanSando”, the most recent album by Luísa Sobral.

After “Gosto de Ti”, the singer chose this theme as the second single from the album, developing a video in which she is the only participant and intends to portray many of the injustices and violence to which women are exposed without, in her understanding, ever giving up of your strength.

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Luísa Sobral contextualizes the importance that this song has for her and what led her to write it in the following way:
“I always thought that there was only one direction on the road to gender and racial equality, moving forward. For me, it would be unthinkable that women could lose the right to vote or return to public transport divided into the black zone and white zone. The world where I thought I lived was not yet egalitarian but it was moving in that direction, even if sometimes with short and slow steps and with different rhythms in different parts of the world.

It was then that we witnessed a frightening setback in women’s rights in Afghanistan. They lost the right to education, they lost the freedom to choose to cover their heads or not, and they were no longer able to walk alone in the street. The veil of invisibility has fallen again over Afghan women.

It was with these women in mind that I wrote this song, not knowing that a few months later, Mahsa Amini, an Iranian woman whose life was taken for wearing the hijab inappropriately, would die. That day my song became about her too and about all those who wanted to avenge her death with protests, many of them losing their lives in doing so.

This is my form of protest, for Mahsa, for Iranian and Afghan women, and for all women who in their lives and professions feel inferior. Because I still believe that the path is forward, even if sometimes you take two steps back.”

Directed by Filipe C. Monteiro, this video features an argument shared by Filipe C. Monteiro and Luísa Sobral who always had a very clear idea of how to transport the emotions that this song arouses in her to the screen.

“Serei Sempre uma Mulher” will be one of the themes to be presented live on the “DanSando” tour that starts this Saturday, January 28th, at Cineteatro Municipal João Mota in Sesimbra, in front of a completely sold-out room.

In February, the tour will also visit the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium in Lagoa (FEB 4), the CCC in Caldas da Rainha as part of the Montepio das Vezes o Amor festival (FEB 11), the Casa da Música in Porto (FEB 18) and by Teatro Tivoli BBVA in Lisbon (25 FEB).

These shows were designed and developed together with Bruno Duro, music director whose challenge was to bring the album “DanSando” to the stage, which presents a more pop aesthetic, with songs written and sung in Portuguese that wrap up everyday life with intimacy, sweetness, and hope. On stage, Luísa Sobral will be accompanied by musicians Manuel Rocha (voice and guitar), António Quintino (bass), and Carlos Miguel Antunes (drums).

Lightly exploring the lands of pop, and never losing the jazz tones that define an author endowed with a touching vocal delivery, “DanSando” is filled with 11 original themes, guided by the need to sing about love, that universal feeling that gives color to life and “who never hurt anyone“. The thematic and poetic palette of this work makes “DanSando” an intimate and personal album, but also socially conscious and involved, bringing together songs that both emphasize the lyrical delicacy of an author committed to giving voice to emotions, as well as assume a purposefully brighter sound.

This proximity is something that Luísa Sobral wants to bring to her live shows and this tour in particular.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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