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Luísa Sobral talks to Sérgio Godinho in the last episode of ‘O Avesso da Canção’

The second season of O Avesso da Canção ends today, a podcast in which Luísa Sobral plays the role of interviewer and takes us to know, together with other lyricists and composers, her songwriting processes. In this twenty-fourth episode, Luísa talks to Sérgio Godinho.

“Each of Sérgio’s lyrics is a master’s degree in song writing. The way he plays with the sound of our language is a huge inspiration, how he makes it dance in words, phrases and melodies. The way he tells stories, creates characters and criticizes what he feels should be criticized makes him one of the most brilliant singer-songwriters of our times and someone who will forever stay in the history of Portuguese music. If during life we ​​go back to his songs, what happens only in great books happens, always discover something new. And it’s good that there is still so much to discover.”
Luisa Sobral

The current season has been very well received by the public and critics, already surpassing more than 110 thousand auditions. O Avesso da Canção was also the most listened to music podcast in Portugal on the Apple Podcasts platform, throughout the first half of 2021.

The second season had a total of 12 guests: Fausto Bordalo Dias, Sara Tavares, Samuel Úria, Sam the Kid, Manel Cruz, Pedro Abrunhosa, Rui Reininho, Carlos Tê, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Jorge Fernando, Rita Redshoes and the latter episode, Sergio Godinho.

O Avesso da Canção will return in autumn for its third and final season. Luísa will continue to search for the best stories of our composers and lyricists, discovering what is behind their songs, in a record that will certainly last as an archive for future composers.

The image of O Avesso da Canção remains in the hands of Camila Beirão dos Reis, who had already collaborated with Luísa in the illustrations and design of her latest album, Rosa.

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