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Luísa Sobral invites Tiago Bettencourt to the last episode of “O Avesso da Canção”

The last episode of the first season of O Avesso da Canção is already available, a podcast in which Luísa Sobral talks to other Portuguese artists about the art of songwriting.

In this twelfth episode the guest is Tiago Bettencourt. In 55 minutes, the artistic journey of this renowned singer is explored. Luísa and her guest talk about topics as varied as the formation of Toranja, the influence of fado in their letter writing and the need for travel for their composition process.

I have been a fan of Tiago Bettencourt since I was a teenager. Like me, many fell in love and broke our hearts to the sound of his songs. But Tiago’s music is not one that only makes sense at one stage of life, quite the opposite. beauty over the years, just like Port wine. ” – Luísa Sobral

The first season of Luísa Sobral’s podcast is a true success story, with a total of forty thousand auditions.

Throughout the twelve episodes, Luísa talked to artists representing several generations, multiple genres and different musical paths. They went through the first season of O Avesso da Canção, Carolina Deslandes, Capicua, Miguel Araújo, Pedro da Silva Martins, David Fonseca, João Monge, Diogo Piçarra, Mafalda Veiga, Tim, Márcia, Jorge Palma and now, Tiago Bettencourt.

All illustrations are by Camila Beirão dos Reis.

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