Luisa Sobral debuts her new podcast ‘O Avesso da Canção’ on November 26

In this, the author wears the role of interviewer and takes us to know, along with other composers who are dear to us, various processes of song writing. For the first season we can count on 12 episodes, in which a conversation is shared that will delight all lovers of the art of writing songs.

Some time ago, Luísa started listening to podcasts and quickly became a format for which she developed a particular taste. Allied to this discovery, came the experience as a composer who carried the curiosity to know what was behind each song, from the creative processes to the stories that motivated its composition.

This is how ‘O Avesso da Canção’ is presented, a journey that traces the path taken from the momentum to the realization of a new song.

“What is behind the songs we like? What made the composer or lyricist write those words that seem to speak of us? This podcast intends to go deeper into the art of song writing. To know the method of creating each one of the guests, what inspires them, what led them to writing and several other questions that will help us to unravel a little behind the scenes of this often lonely art. Welcome to ‘Avesso da música’.”
-Luísa Sobral

The first season of the podcast has 12 episodes and, therefore, 12 guests. The choice of the first names to interview had in view the inclusion of several generations, multiple genres and musical paths and different ways of composing. Of this list of 12 names to be unveiled, many remain to be known, which launches the harbinger of seasons to come.

The first episode of ‘O Avesso da Canção’ will be available from November 26th on all digital platforms and on Luísa Sobral’s website. During 12 Thursdays we will be able to hear more musical stories, told in a familiar and good-humored environment, with guests who are part of our musical imagination.

The image of ‘O Avesso da Canção‘ was in the hands of Camila Beirão dos Reis, who had already collaborated with Luísa in the illustrations and design of her last original album, Rosa.

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