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Luísa Sobral and Márcia close “Conta-me Uma Canção”

Teatro Maria Matos

It was with two fantastic voices and excellent music that “Conta-me Uma Canção” (“Tell Me a Song”) ended another series of shows, where music joins the stories of excellent musicians, composers and authors of Portuguese music.

The last concert in the “Conta-me Uma Canção” series was performed by Luísa Sobral and Márcia, on a night full of joy and stories from these two friends, who had never shared the stage, in addition to their wonderful songs, There were adventures on stage with the Obstetrician, children, parents, fiancé or husband, which left the audience delighted and amused.

Luísa Sobral e Márcia < 2024.01.24 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

She also took to the stage to join her husband, Filipe Cunha Monteiro, with Márcia to sing with her a song dedicated to her daughter Carolina, O teu lugar”.

A series of concerts that introduce us to a more relaxed and intimate side of some of the best national artists could not have ended better. Come more!

Luísa Sobral e Márcia < 2024.01.24 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

See here the photos of Luísa Sobral and Márcia’s concert at Teatro Maria Matos


  • Coisas Penheninas < Luísa + Márcia
  • Pega em Mim < Luísa
  • Menina < Luísa + Márcia
  • Vai e Vem < Márcia
  • O Teu Lugar < Márcia + Filipe
  • Para Ti < Luísa
  • Maria Jorge < Márcia
  • Não Vás Já < Luísa 
  • Todos Gozam <  Márcia
  • River < Luísa + Márcia
  • Serei Sempre uma Mulher < Luísa + Márcia
  • Desmazelo < Luísa + Márcia

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