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Luísa Sobral was at Fnac Chiado to present ‘DanSando’

Luísa Sobral, one of the most important singer-songwriters of the new generation of Portuguese musicians, was at Fnac do Chiado to present her latest album ‘DanSando‘, her sixth work, released eleven years after her debut with ‘The Cherry on My Cake‘.

In this album, Luísa Sobral explores a more pop sound, with songs written and sung in Portuguese and which, according to the author, intends to get people dancing, Luísa even said that after several works in which she was sitting, she wanted to be standing in stage and dance.

During the mini-concert where she presented six songs from this album, she was making a brief introduction about each of the songs to a room full of fans who didn’t want to miss this opportunity to hear her.

Luísa Sobral -Fnac Chiado ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.10.28

Amo como eu sei‘ was the first song that he sang, followed by ‘O Nosso amor é‘, an album where the keyword is ‘amor‘, Luísa mentioned that, continued with ‘O quadro que pintei‘, a theme that talks about the projects we have, which we sometimes don’t appreciate or appreciate when we achieve them.

Quero falar de amor‘ was made in the first confinement when he was on tour through Australia and Japan where the topic of all conversations was the covid, he decided to talk about love, followed by ‘Serei sempre uma mulher‘, a theme that unfortunately is still current, being present daily in our lives, it was born after seeing a report on a group of women fighting for women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Luísa Sobral -Fnac Chiado ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.10.28

Luísa emphasizes that “this made me think of this idea that we have that the world is always moving forward, that there will be more and more gender and racial equality and that we are always moving in that direction, but that doesn’t always happen, sometimes things go backwards, which for me is a very unnatural thing, but which sometimes happens, so I was thinking about the courage of these women, who in an environment like that, and with the mentality of that country, continued to fight for rights, sometimes not of them, but of those that follow…

On stage, Luísa Sobral was joined by Carlos Miguel Antunes on drums, José Almeida on bass and double bass, Manuel Rocha on guitar and on Rui Ferreira sound, and it was with ‘Gosto de ti‘, the single from this work, that Luísa ended, this presentation at Fnac do Chiado.

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