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Luísa Sobral takes ‘DanSando’ to Lisbon

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

Finally ‘DanSando’ arrived in Lisbon, after having passed through many Portuguese venues, a fantastic concert, more pop, more lively, more cheerful, but also with socially conscious messages.

‘DanSando’ is her sixth album of originals by the Portuguese singer, produced by Latin Grammy winner Tó Brandileone, an album recorded between Lisbon and São Paulo.

It was with ‘Quero morar numa canção’, ‘Festa antecipada’, ‘O nosso amor é’ and ‘Maria do Mar’ that Luísa opened the concert in Lisbon. This show featured very well-crafted lighting by Nuno Salsinha, who gave even more brightness and color to this concert.

Luísa Sobral > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2023.02.25

Luísa confessed to being a little anxious, not only because the concert was in Lisbon, but because she had her family and friends present because she wanted them to be proud, she also added the enormous happiness of being at the Tivoli, at this concert that is special, for two of their children are present.

As usual, Luísa likes to frame her songs, explaining not only her creative process or the inspiration for her music, but sometimes it’s stories she’s told, and other times it’s news she reads, she even has friends who send her news they think about could inspire.

And the next song was inspired by a piece of news sent to him of a German couple who moved to Portugal, they even changed their name to Maria Feliz and José Feliz, They went to live in a village near Vila Real, nature lovers, they lived in the countryside without electricity, and dedicated themselves to alternative medicine, starting to help the community with their natural herbal remedies, however, later Maria Feliz is diagnosed with breast cancer, and she decided to treat herself with her recipes, but as the disease was already at an advanced stage, it got worse, and the moment came when there was nothing left to do, and at that moment they both decided to end their lives together, that news had two very beautiful parts, first the idea of love, that if we have to leave we go together, the other part was the fact that the Happy couple decided to end their lives in this way, and that’s how “Maria Feliz” appears.

Luísa Sobral > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2023.02.25

This was followed by ‘Não foste tu’, a theme that arose out of admiration for the voice and compositions of a singer-songwriter, who attended a workshop on writing in Deu, and always had the idea of writing a song for this singer, and that’s how this song came about, music thought of in the voice of João Cunha who accompanied Luísa at Tivoli, a theme about the end of a relationship in which both are responsible.

The next theme was ‘Há Guerra’, a theme written by Luísa,1 year ago, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, something that she confesses, never having thought she could live or would have believed that it could last for a year, feeling impotent to do something, and it was that feeling of powerlessness that led her to write this song.

The concert also featured many fun moments, and many laughs that were heard around the room, with the stories and comments that Luísa Sobral was telling, but also emotional ones, like when she dedicated two themes to her children who came to watch the show.

Luísa Sobral > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2023.02.25

Luísa Sobral is one of the most important singers and songwriters of the new generation of Portuguese musicians, debuted in 2011 with ‘The Cherry on My Cake’, in 2013 presented ‘There’s A Flower In My Bedroom‘, with guests such as Jamie Cullum, António Zambujo and Mário Laginha, in 2014 edits ‘Lu-Pu-I-Pi-Sa-Pa’ and in 2016 ‘Luísa’, produced by Joe Henry who worked with Madonna and Elvis Costello. In 2018 she edited ‘Rosa’, produced by Raul Refree known for his work with Silvia Pères Cruz, Rosalía, and Rocío Márquez.

She has also composed for other artists such as Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Sara Correia, Mayra Andrade, among many others, being the author of the song ‘Amar Pelos Dois’, a theme interpreted by her brother Salvador Sobral and with which they won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Luísa Sobral > Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews > 2023.02.25

Luísa teve a companhia em palco, nas palavras da cantora “excelentes músicos mas também meus amigos”, Manuel Rocha na guitarra, António Quintino no baixo e contrabaixo e Carlos Miguel Antunes na bateria.

Com o concerto a chegar ao fim Luísa agradeceu a todos os que tornam o conserto possível, Rudi que ajuda no palco, no som Jorge e Rui Guerreiro, nas luzes Nuno Salsinha, Bruno Duro, director musical, Joana a Road manager, a Paulo Sousa Martins, Beatriz e Francisco da Agência e á relações publicas Sara Espirito Santo e claro ao publico.

O concerto terminou com ‘Serei sempre uma mulher’, musica que surgiu devido a uma reportagem que viu sobre a luta das mulheres no Irão por causa dos direitos da mulher, e a coragem dessas mulheres num país em que se pode morrer por essa luta, seguindo-seGosto de ti’ e ‘As mães de hoje em dia’.

Um concerto fantástico, cheio de alegria e boa musica com um alinhamento muito bem pensado, que proporcionou ao publico, que encheu o Tivoli, uma noite memorável.

Luísa was accompanied on stage, in the words of the singer “excellent musicians but also my friends”, Manuel Rocha on guitar, António Quintino on bass and double bass, and Carlos Miguel Antunes on drums.

With the concert coming to an end, Luísa thanked everyone who made the repair possible, Rudi who helps on stage, at the sound, Jorge and Rui Guerreiro, lights Nuno Salsinha, Bruno Duro Musical Director, Joana the Road Manager, Paulo Sousa Martins, Beatriz, and Francisco from the Agency and public relations Sara Espirito Santo and of course the public.

The concert ended with ‘Serei sempre uma mulher’, a song that came from a report she saw about the struggle of women in Iran fighting for women’s rights, and the courage of these women in a country where you can die for that struggle, followed by Gosto de ti’ and ‘As mães de hoje em dia’.

A fantastic concert, full of joy and good music with a very well thought out lineup, which provided the public, which filled the Tivoli, with a memorable night.


Concerto setlist

  • Quero morar numa canção
  • Festa antecipada
  • O nosso amor é
  • Maria do Mar
  • Maria Feliz
  • Não foste tu
  • Há guerra
  • Só um beijo
  • Para ti
  • Coisas pequeninas
  • Amo como eu sei
  • Quero falar de amor
  • Quadro que pintei
  • Why should I?
  • Serei sempre uma mulher
  • Gosto de ti
  • As mães de hoje em dia

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