Luísa Sobral will present the CD ‘Rosa’ on seven national stages in 2019

The singer-songwriter Luísa Sobral begins a February tour of seven national stages, presenting her new album, “Rosa”, released earlier this month, was announced today.

Luísa Sobral presents her new band, sharing the stage with Manuel Rocha, on the guitars, and a trio of woodwinds composed by Sérgio Charrinho, in the flizcorne, Ângelo Caleira, in the horn, and Gil Gonçalves, in the tuba.

The tour opens on February 8, in Coimbra, in a room to be announced, and, the next day, continues at the Casa da Música in Oporto.

On February 14, Luísa Sobral works in Setúbal, under the “Montepio, sometimes the love” festival, and, on the 22nd, he takes the stage at TivoliBBVA in Lisbon.

The fifth stage of this tour is the Cine-Teatro Avenida, in Castelo Branco, where it acts on March 9, followed by the House of Culture of Ílhavo, on the outskirts of Aveiro, closing on the 23rd, at the Cultural and Congress Center of Caldas da Rainha, about 90 kilometres west of Lisbon.

Luísa Sobral defined the new album, “Rosa”, as “a record of an ‘author and singer’, in which the lyrics are more important,” in which “it’s almost like being in a concert”.

Luísa Sobral signed the song and lyrics of the eleven songs that make up the CD, which was named “Rosa”, in honour of her daughter, because it was composed during her pregnancy, which influenced the final work.

“This album tells stories and speaks of love, like all my albums, but this one has a different sound, and the songs are more exposed, besides my voice is a little different, because during the pregnancy I became very hoarse, which influenced the way I composed it, but I decided to record it like that, with the voice that made me write the songs, “he said.

“The most different is the album being all sung in Portuguese, the fact of being so naked, and I changed the group of accompanists, who were previously guitar, piano, drums and double bass, but I still remain in composition and with my features”.

A “simple” album, he said, but that is what he likes most in art, “because it is more direct and reaches the heart of people.”

“The simple word is often underestimated, but for me, simple is the best, it’s the easiest to reach people. And sometimes we’ll analyze the ‘simple’ and it’s not that simple, but it ends up an opinion and is what I like the most in the art, seem simple and after all is not, “he argued.

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