Luisão ended his career: “Thank you, Benfica”

The 37-year-old center finished his career as a professional football player on Tuesday.

Luisão ended his career as a football player on Tuesday. The Brazilian said goodbye to Benfica after 15 years in the service of the club, with a ceremony in the Stadium of Light.

Message to the companions:”Whoever is outside has no idea of  the friendship that we have within our group. Everyone who has played with me will always have the door to my house open. It’s from the bottom of the heart.

Function for the future: “I can not specify now. My project was to know the time to end my career. But soon everything will be known.

Did you ever think about leaving Benfica? Why not finish your career in a Brazilian club?:”In Portugal, a lot of controversy about proposals is created. He often ended up saying things that were not his own. My choice not to end in Brazil is that when I arrived at Benfica, the criticism was so many … And I had moments, that I wanted to go back to Brazil. But then our psychologist helped me and I said that I would be victorious in this club. It would not be ethical of me, not to say goodbye here for all they gave me.


Who is better to succeed him as captain?:”All Benfica players are trained to take that lead. There is a lot of leadership maturity in each player. Everyone has this ability, since training in Seixal. Just as I once came to captain, here too is the same. Today, Jardel becomes our leader. A player has to use the clamp, but the lead is divided by all.

Why not be a coach?:”We will see. Let’s think about the next step. The question of coach … I do not know anything. I only know the vision from within the field. The plans are now others. The way is too long, you have to be calm.

Missed an international achievement for Benfica?:”Missed. Because of the greatness of the club, because of growth, it was what I lacked in my career. We had two chances, two European League finals, and that’s one thing I’m going to regret for the rest of my life.

Why did you leave before the end of the season?:”What made me take this decision was the fact that my story was written for a long time. I realized that it was the best time and that I can now make my contribution out of the field.

Did you ever imagine this career?:”This time I thought about it a lot. Where I lived, I had no great chances in football. Since then I fight but I never thought I would be here in one of the biggest clubs in the world. I did not know.

More difficult opponent:”There are many, it is difficult to say which is the most difficult. The most important thing is to be prepared for all difficulties.

Worst and best moment in the service of Benfica:”I think the worst moment was when, on the pitch, you realize that the benches may not be supporting. And I always defended my companions. And the fans realized. Already the best moment … I have two remarkable moments that was the goal that gave us the possibility to win the title and when I broke my arm, then I thought my career was over. Like the four-time champion.

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