LUS is sustainable, minimal and Azorean. But three attributes do not satisfy

“Before less and better quality, that lasts longer, than the most and disposable”. This is the motto of LUS, a clothing brand that follows the concept of slow fashion and is characterized by sustainable. It was born at the end of September, in the Azores, with the Délicat collection and it was in this context that we were talking to Carolina Moreira, designer and founder of the brand.

When Carolina Moreira entered the Fashion Design course at the Lisbon School of Design, she was already leading LUS into thinking. He wanted to launch a brand that “offered more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to the current fashion industry,” he says. “I am extremely attached to nature and well-being, so the environmental problems we face today are a major source of concern for me,” he adds.

A concern and, in a way, an inspiration, since it was this reality that gave rise to LUS, through which Carolina does for facing the problems of fast fashion, which will dominate the trade linked to fashion.

For the young designer, this reality is changing and so look at it positively and hopefully. In conversation, she tells us that the majority of the public is not aware of what lies behind the current fashion industry and its social, environmental and human health consequences. “It is true that this change is already happening and is a starting point for the hope that slow fashion will one day become a collective choice. We must continue to educate and raise awareness of the population. We must be transparent. People are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, not only at fashion but also at all levels, and looking for more sustainable alternatives, “he says.

For LUS, the concept of sustainability is present in every step of the creation of any of its pieces. With a minimalist style, which characterizes the author of the brand, “LUS parts are always produced with the durability and quality of the garment, practicing real prices that incorporate social and ecological costs. Keeping its production between small and medium scales, in order to avoid waste and massification, LUS is and will always be a transparent system, between who produces and who consumes, one of the main objectives being that consumption is more responsible and less impulsive, more conscious and environmentally friendly, “says Carolina.

The clothing brand was launched at the end of September, with the collection of Autumn / Winter Délicat, inspired by the Japanese kimono and the tulip flower, whose elements were transported to the pieces.

Presented in a showroom in Ponta Delgada, if it were not Carolina Moreira from São Miguel, the line was produced in mainland Portugal by a friend “with many years of experience and a giant gift”: “I entrusted each of my pieces and I would not want them to have been made by anyone else, and the next collections will be produced by her as well. ”

For the future, there is already talk about options for men as well as some project done in the Azores, where local crafts will be a strand to explore. As a common denominator for any collection, whether in or outside the archipelago, the criterion is that the materials are always natural and, as far as possible, of biological origin.

As for the former, those of natural origin, the designer admits are not hard to find, especially when talking about natural fibers such as cotton or linen. But those of biological origin, becomes more difficult and therefore Carolina had to buy them out of the country, as was the case of bamboo silk. Such an origin requires that the materials be grown and produced without any kind of chemical, to avoid damage to the environment and human health, which makes it a very specific and therefore limited product. But Carolina is confident that this is also a growing market and so in the future it will be easier to find this type of offer.

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