Lusitanian Ghosts in concert in Porto and Setúbal

The Lusitanian Ghosts are back not only in records but also in concerts. Setúbal and Porto receive the premiere of Exotic Quixotic live.

We asked Neil Leyton, one of the Lusitanian Ghosts elements, about what we can hear in these two concerts, the answer was that “.. it will be a concert to introduce Lusitanian Ghosts with tracks from the first two albums, the first one we didn’t get play as much as we wanted thanks to you know who…

Neil Leyton also tells us that regarding possible guests at both concerts, “…the collective itself grows based on invitations… for example, ToZé (Raia) was a special guest in Évora in August, and then he came with the Ghosts to Sweden and is now part of the collective… Nélson Canoa, who recorded our first album for us, in addition to being our sound technician, on stage to play the keys… and the collective is that, people come and go, according to their availability, we will all be in Setúbal, O Gajo, OMIRI, Abel Beja from Primitive Reason… after the next day in Porto we will perform in a reduced format with only two chords, Micke Ghosts and Vasco Casais; it’s going to be a smaller but very positive concert because we’ve never played in Porto until now.

This international musical project crosses the tradition of string instruments typical of Portugal – the amarantina, beiroa, toeira, braguesa, third or campaniça, with the best of rock’n’roll.

With Neil Leyton, on voice, Micke Ghost, on viola amarantina, João Sousa, on drums and percussions, Vasco Ribeiro Casais, also known as OMIRI, on braguesa and nyckelharpa, João Morais, known as “O Gajo”, on campaniça, and Abel Beja (Primitive Reason), in Terceirense. The collective also has the Swedish Janne Olsson, on bass.

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