Luso surfers ambitious to triumph in the giant waves of Nazaré

The Portuguese surfers of the Big Wave Tour, the world-wide giant wave circuit, have today been ambitious to achieve good results in the Nazaré stage, but without forgetting that fear has to be well managed.

Aside from the presentation of the third edition of the Portuguese competition, whose waiting period runs until February 28, 2019, on the North beach in Nazaré, Nic Von Rupp and Alex Botelho also expressed the satisfaction of seeing, once again, the circuit pass through national territory.

“In the early years I felt like I was touching the ground, I’ve been facing the qualifying circuit and now I’m facing the big waves, I’ve been to the final last year and I’m growing every year,” ‘wild card’ Nic Von Rupp said, adding: “I’m getting more comfortable and this year the goal is to reach the final and possibly win.”

Nic also explained the differences between competing in the qualifying circuit and the giant wave circuit, stressing that he wants to be part of the new generation that explores the waves to the fullest.

“In WSL, it’s more agility and small waves, it’s cold here and turning those big boards is not easy at all, I want to be part of the new generation that pulls the big waves to the limit,” he said.

About what surfers feel when they face these steps, the guest from Nazaré admits that fear looms in itself and reminded great professionals who have not been able to face the waves in the past.

“Whoever says he’s not afraid here (in Nazareth), he’s lying. I’ve seen great surfers come here, turn their backs and leave, fear is always present, it’s a matter of dealing with fear and overcoming it “he argued.

Already Alex Botelho, the only Portuguese who is on the circuit permanently, admitted that in his case fear is seen as a challenge.

“There is always adrenaline and fear, but it is this that gives strength to the will to overcome the challenge.It is good to keep this flame active.Faure is a will to want to overcome, is to face as a challenge.I think that’s how it has to be looked at, “he said.

As for the goal set for the performance at the North Beach, Alex Botelho was more reserved than Nic, but still admitted that he always wants to improve the performance in the waves.

“To be permanently on the circuit was my goal, which I drew two years ago and now I want to continue to climb the ranking and I have my personal goal here in Nazaré, which is always improving.”

The waiting period for the third edition of the Big Wave Tour runs until February 28, 2019, on the North Beach in Nazaré.

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