Luso-Swedish collective Lusitanian Ghosts announce their third album

Recorded and mixed on tape at Clouds Hill studio in Hamburg, “The Long Train” – like the new album, to be released on two LPs, Mono and Stereo – was recorded without any guitars – it’s just based on traditional regional violas, following the formula developed by the group, of practicing a fusion between the sound of popular Portuguese and European string instruments, and an alternative aesthetic of rock n ́roll.

Vocalist Neil Leyton comments “that it is a celebration of life, its challenges, fulfilling our human mission on this planet and the necessary commitment, with lyrical inspiration in the flight of storks”

Traditional violas, such as the Beiroa, Campaniça, Braguesa, Terceirense or Amarantina, each with specific tunings and arrangements, combine with several other European string instruments, in a unique symbiosis between traditional music and a contemporary aspect, giving these popular instruments an approach based on a socio-political perspective, with a view to creating a better world, through compositions aimed at the mind and heart.

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