Lux releases vinyl editions of Birds Are Indie and Twist Connection

Coimbra Lux Records publisher will release in January vinyl editions of the last albums of Birds Are Indie and Twist Connection, with unpublished songs that had not been released on CD.

The beginning of 2019 for Lux Records will be marked by the vinyl release of Birds Are Indie’s Local Affairs and the second album of Twist Connection originals, both released in 2018 on CD, of the conimbricense publishing house, Rui Ferreira.

According to the publisher, the two albums will have different vinyl alignments of the CD, with two unpublished songs in each one of the albums.

“In the case of the Twist Connection, it is more noticeable, because Raquel Ralha, when they recorded the album, was just an invited artist. Now vinyl is already part of the band”, with the vinyl cover itself marking the transformation of the trio into a quartet, explained Rui Ferreira, emphasizing that the two new songs count on the participation of the singer who was part of the Belle Chase Hotel and WrayGunn.

One of the songs, ‘Sweet Little Diamond’, has Raquel Ralha’s own lyrics and the two songs were recorded at Serra Vista Studios, co-produced by Boz Boorer, Morrissey’s musical director and who worked with artists such as Edwyn Collins or David Bowie.

The release date, which will be in January, and subsequent concerts are yet to be announced.

The Birds Are Indie ‘Local Affairs’ vinyl edition features two new tracks: “I do not like perfect things” and “Dressed in white,” said Rui Ferreira.

The official vinyl release of this band from Coimbra will take place on January 19 at the Gil Vicente Academic Theater (TAGV), which will feature Spicy Noodles in the first part.

Subsequently, they perform at the Hard Club in Oporto, on February 2, the month in which they have three concerts in Galicia and one in Aveiro, the 28th.

According to Rui Ferreira, Lux Records seeks to edit all vinyl records.

“I’ve always liked vinyl regardless of the market, but right now, at a time when it’s easy to download music, vinyl makes a difference, not just in terms of sound, but the cover, which is completely different”, stressed.

If in the 1990s it took “almost ten years” to see Lux’s vinyl issues run out, today it notes that “it takes a lot less” with people “going back to buying vinyl.”

In 2019, the publisher hopes to reissue an album of The Parkinsons that only came out on CD, “Reason to Resist”, as well as launch new works from bands like Mancines, Flying Cages or Jigsaw.

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