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Lights, music and colour at Bon Iver night

Altice Arena

Bon Iver was welcomed by a crowded Altice, for a night full of lights, colour and lots of music, in what they say is their “favourite city in all of Europe”.

The American band has the city of Lisbon in a special place in their heart, returned to Portugal after having been at NOS Alive for three years and presented their new song, no longer so new due to the postponement of the pandemic, “I , I” of 2019, but also the themes that made them known.

Bon Iver > Altice Arena – Fotos XIAOMI 12X < 2022.11.11

On a stage where the play of lights was fantastic, with mirrors that move along the themes, creating with the spots captivating effects and geometrics, they were giving even more shine to themes like ‘Heavenly Father’, ‘U (Man Like)’, ‘715 Creeks’, ‘Faith’, ‘Naeem’ and ‘Hey, Ma’, winning the audience with every chord.

‘Blood Bank’ theme of 2019, a theme much applauded at Altice, but of course, the most awaited moment was ‘Skinny Love’, the theme with which Bon Iver became known to the world, already finishing Vernon, still left a few words for Portuguese audience “Don’t put this on YouTube, but this is our favourite city in all of Europe. You live in a wonderful place and you are beautiful people. Thank you for coming to our show.”

Bon Iver > Altice Arena – Fotos XIAOMI 12X < 2022.11.11

With the night coming to an end, ‘Holocene‘ would be the last, but of course, the audience at Altice wanted more, ‘Flume’, ‘The Wolves’ and ‘RABi’ were the themes of the encore and Vernon said goodbye with “See you next time”, and let it be soon.

The first part was carried out by the MARM.

MARM > Altice Arena – Fotos XIAOMI 12X < 2022.11.11

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