M.O.Co. with new wave night and noise pop

Next Tuesday, the legion of fans of New Yorkers Bodega will run alongside the supporters of Madrid’s La Paloma, both towards the new concert hall in Porto.

The Americans Bodega and the Spaniards La Paloma (responsible for opening the concert) are the proposals of M.Ou.Co., the most recent multicultural space in the city of Invicta, for the night of next Tuesday (April 12), from 9:30 pm, in the concert hall of the complex – the first hotel in the country with a multidisciplinary concept and openly aimed at the musical world. The event is the result of a partnership with SON Estrella Galicia.

After the somewhat abrasive, irregular punk, in the global sound of their debut album ‘Endless Scroll’, Bodega – who is Ben Hozie (vocals and guitar), Nikki Belfiglio (vocals), Dan Ryan (guitar), Adam See (bass), Tai Lee (drums) – acquired, according to many good pairs of ears, a more new wave glow, which is bubbly, with the last work.

‘Broken Equipment’ is an album where witty lyrics abound, here, sharp, there, that pour out feelings about the annoyances of the modern world, such as gentrification, publicity or positivity. What is heard, and what will be heard in the M.O.Co.’s concert hall, has had an effect on the study of the works of a series of philosophers, which was the genesis of the new LP!

The rhythms will be lively and the guitars striking, all sprinkled with sinuous melodies and very rocky themes, which manage to be biting, around the unique voice of Ben Hozie. Anyway, Bodega sound is a sound full of identity, to the point that there are many good people, knowledgeable, from various stops, swearing that it was the best thing they heard live before the pandemic lockdown closed the concerts under lock and key. on a global scale.

Teremos, pois, oportunidade de o comprovar na nova sala de espetáculos do Porto, para os lados do Bonfim, na mesma noite que acolherá um exemplo da nova musicalidade noise rock-noise pop que está a sair de Madrid, com La Paloma, que assegurará a abertura do espetáculo.

Nico Yubero, Lucas Sierra, Rubén Almonacid y Juan Rojo juntaram-se há apenas um ano, deram uma mão cheia de concertos em Espanha com o seu EP de estreia ‘Una idea, pero es triste‘ como cartão de visita e estão agora a furar – e a fazer furor – de país em país.

A formação chega ao Porto depois de ter tocado recentemente na Cidade do México e no Texas, no festival SXSW. E subirá ao palco do M.Ou.Co. com a sua “mistura equilibrada entre ruído e melodia” (como alguém caracterizou o estilo dos La Paloma, que gostaram da etiqueta), musicalizada com sentimentos crus, mesclados com apatia, desinteresse, nostalgia e os conflitos próprios de toda uma geração.

Os dias 9, 16, 23 e 30 do corrente mês também são jornadas de música para os lados da zona do Bonfim, mas desta feita com palco montado no Bar do M.Ou.Co., onde decorrerão vários DJ Sets, sempre às 20 horas. Em cartaz, respetivamente: DJ SET Robles, DJ SET Suspeitos, DJ SET Boy named Sue, DJ SET Von X (Carla Castelhano) e DJ SET ritmos Cholutelka

We will therefore have the opportunity to prove it in the new concert hall in Porto, next to Bonfim, on the same night that will host an example of the new noise rock-noise pop musicality that is coming out of Madrid, with La Paloma, which will ensure the opening of the show.

Nico Yubero, Lucas Sierra, Rubén Almonacid and Juan Rojo got together just a year ago, they gave a handful of concerts in Spain with their debut EP ‘Una idea, pero es triste‘ as their calling card and they’re now breaking the bank. – and making a fuss – from country to country.

The lineup arrives in Porto after having recently played in Mexico City and Texas, at the SXSW festival. And will take the stage of the M.O.Co. with its “balanced mix between noise and melody” (as someone characterized the style of La Paloma, who liked the label), musicalized with raw feelings, mixed with apathy, disinterest, nostalgia and the conflicts typical of an entire generation.

The 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of this month are also music days in the Bonfim area, but this time with a stage set up at the M.O.Co. Bar, where several DJ Sets will take place, always at 20 hours. On display, respectively: DJ SET Robles, DJ SET Suspeitos, DJ SET Boy named Sue, DJ SET Von X (Carla Castelhano) and DJ SET Rhythms Cholutelka.

M.O.Co.’s musical schedule:

• April 9 – DJ SET Suspeitos, 8 pm, Bar M.Ou.Co., free event

• April 12 – Bodega + La Paloma, by SON Estrella Galicia, 9:30 pm, Sala M.O.Co., €16.00

• April 16 – DJ SET Boy named Sue, 8pm, Bar M.Ou.Co., free event

• April 23 – DJ SET Von X (Carla Castelhano), 8 pm, Bar M.Ou.Co., free event

• April 30 – DJ SET Cholutelka rhythms, 20 hours, Bar M.Ou.Co., free event

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