MAAT exceeded 800,000 visitors in two years

The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon has surpassed 800,000 visitors since its inauguration two years ago, on October 5, 2016, EDP Foundation president Miguel Coutinho said today.

It is a “very significant number” for “who only has two years of existence,” said the official, adding that it “proves” the quality of the artistic offer made available by the museum since its opening.

Miguel Coutinho spoke at the press conference of the three exhibitions that will mark the anniversary of the museum, to open this weekend, also marked by free entry, on the premises.

In addition to “Over flow”, an individual installation by the Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata, made with residues taken from the Portuguese coast, which can be visited until April 1, 2019, the MAAT also opens to the public, on Saturday, “Elefante” by André Príncipe. “Artist’s Film International”, collective exhibition around the concept of truth.

In the generator room of Central Tejo, there is an exhibition on the Portuguese Language Museum in São Paulo, which is under construction until 2019, Miguel Coutinho also revealed.

The president of the EDP Foundation believes that “a successful path marks these first two years”, adding that the success of the Museum is also explained by the “boldness of themes and environmental concern demonstrated since the opening of space”.

“Elefante”, the first individual exhibition of the photographer André Príncipe, to be inaugurated in the Ashtray 8 room in Central Tejo, is open until December 31.

It brings together 11 unpublished photographs, a video, and was thought of as “a great installation” with “a language very close to the cinema”, as the artist said.

In the images, people are always portrayed in the middle of some action, sometimes very lively, sometimes sad and even restless, explained the photographer during the visit, in which he was accompanied by curator Ana Anacleto.

A third exhibition, also Central Tejo – “Artists’film international”, the Sala Boiler Room until April 22, 2019 – includes a set of films by artists from around the world, around the concept of truth.

Rosa Barba, Danielle Dean, Patroick Hough, Tom Ireland, Portuguese duo Musa Paradisíaca, John Skoog, Juan Sorrentino and Munem Wasif, key names in video art, are the artists of the exhibition, working concepts of truth, truth, reality, dream , unreality or even fiction.

A quote from St. Augustine – “Man walks in the image of truth” – was the starting point of the show, according to the curator, Maria do Mar Fazenda.

On the successor of Pedro Gadanho, as artistic director of the museum – who is expected to leave the post in June of next year – Miguel Coutinho said that the contest model is still being defined.

“We are defining the model,” he said, adding that he wanted the Museum to continue to chart the path towards the internationalization of space and artists, and that the profile of the Museum’s future artistic director should be a person who dynamics that Pedro Gadanho impressed on him in these initial years – three since the creation of the Museum.

Miguel Coutinho also recalled that at the moment, what matters “is to remain open to society and to the issues that truly matter to society”, as is the case of “climate change and environmental issues”.

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