MAAT in Lisbon reopens on June 10

According to the schedule sent to the Lusa agency, the reopening program – after a closure of more than five months – will run from June 10 to 14, with guided visits to various exhibitions, and conversations with curators and artists.

MAAT closed in December 2019 after the building designed by architect Amanda Levete was damaged by bad weather, and was expected to reopen on March 27 after repairs and works to adapt to this year’s new schedule, but remained closed due to covid-19 pandemic.

June 10th includes visits from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm to the new project ‘Beeline’ and conversations that can also be followed live on social networks.

Conversations on temporality and civic space are planned, with architects and curators such as João Belo Rodeia, with Florian Idenburg & Jing Liu connected from New York, and Ricardo Carvalho, Roberto Cremascoli, Filipe Magalhães + Ana Luísa Soares (Atelier Fala) and Bárbara Silva.

In the following days, workshops for children, visits and conversations with artists like Claudia Martinho take place about their sound installation ‘Extinction Calls’, created with the sounds of extinct or seriously threatened bird species.

Guided tours are also planned for the ‘Melancolia Programada’ and ‘Unharia Ratóricas’ exhibitions, talks with researcher Pedro Teixeira and artist Pedro Gomes.

The artists included in the exhibition are Catarina Botelho, Paulo Brighenti, Tomás Colaço, Luísa Ferreira, Horácio Frutuoso, Mariana Gomes, Pedro Gomes, André Guedes, João Louro, Maria Lusitano, João Ferro Martins, Paulo Mendes, Rodrigo Oliveira, Francisco Vidal, Valter Vinegar.

In complementary structures, MAAT will also present ‘Memovolts – Histories of the EDP Foundation’s Energy Heritage Collection’, a total of seven exhibitions with topics such as “Women in Advertising for Home Appliances (1930 – 1950)”, and “Memories of the City” de Lisboa: The Photography by Kurt Pinto. The Design of Sound and Image (1920-1960) ‘.

Still accompanying these projects, and as part of ‘Beeline’, there will be three audio stations entitled ‘Sound Capsules’, which host a series of sound proposals curated and contents specially produced in collaboration with students from the School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation.

A series curated by Gonçalo F. Cardoso will also be presented, presenting works selected from the Discrepant publishing catalog that explores the themes ‘Alternative Realities’ and ‘Atypical Traditions’, broadcast over a set of live performances that will have place on ‘Beeline’.

The objective is to generate reflection and debate on topics such as climate action, with a specific focus on the Oceans and marine culture, including collaborations with Portuguese and international cultural and educational institutions.

The MAAT reopens at the usual time from 11 am to 7 pm, with limited seating capacity for the programming events, distance rules, temperature control and hand hygiene.

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