Mabel releases new song ‘Take It Home’ in collaboration with Pokémon

The celebration of Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary continues with today’s release of the track “Take It Home”, a new song by BRIT Award-winning artist Mabel, recorded exclusively for the upcoming compilation album P25 Music.

With an infectious beat and a cheerful summery rhythm, this song celebrates the kind of friend we can count on. The song was produced by Tommy Brown (Kanye West, Ariana Grande) and Mr. Franks (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber). Listen “Take It Home”. The compilation album, which will be released this fall on Capitol Records, is part of a massive year-long music campaign by The Pokémon Company International in partnership with Universal Music Group.

The fun official “Take It Home” video shows Mabel trying to relax in her hotel room after a busy day. While zapping through TV channels, she finds a Pokémon channel. Comforted by the adorable characters, she falls asleep. In her dreams, she begins to follow a Jigglypuff down the hall and together they explore the hotel, which has been transformed into a dark but glittering enchanted world. Mabel takes the stage accompanied by a group of dancers and a Pikachu who has a small cameo. Watch the video made by Sophia Ray (Ella Eyre, Little Mix, Amber Mark) and recorded at the iconic Hotel Savoy in London.

Mabel is the latest artist to join the P25 Music show, alongside Katy Perry who contributed the original theme “Electric” from Post Malone who gave her personal stamp to Hootie‘s hit “Only Wanna Be With You” & the Blowfish and de J Balvin. Mabel recently released her first single of 2021, “Let Them Know,” an upbeat anthem about projecting confidence even in difficult times.

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