Macau donates one million masks to Portugal

The masks should arrive in the Portuguese Mercy in mid-April, explained the provider, António José de Freitas, given the time necessary to ensure the manufacture and transport of the material to Portugal.

The provider of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Macau said that the sending of medical supplies to UMP is also being considered, as is the case with gloves or disinfectant gel, which is also sorely lacking.

The Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Macau was founded in 1569 by Bishop Belchior Carneiro and its history is confused with that of the territory itself.

The institution has a budget of more than 70 million patacas (8.2 million euros), with a monthly expenditure on salaries of more than three million patacas (350 thousand euros) and a government subsidy that represents only about 25%.

Misericórdia’s social work in Macau covers areas such as support for the disabled, the elderly and children and also has a social store. The institution supports almost 400 users, with services to be provided by more than 180 workers.

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