Macau is studying tourist tax application

The Macau Government is conducting a study on the possible application of a tourist tax in the territory, as is currently the case in Venice (Italy) and Japan, said the Director of Tourism Services.

We are doing a comparison study in terms of the rates that are being imposed, for example, by Venice, … and Japan,” said Helena de Senna Fernandes.

It does not have a date, but we do not want to drag it for long, because we also want to present this study so that it can be contemplated in more detail,” said the head of the Macau Tourist Office (DST) of 30 square kilometers that in 2018 registered 35 million tourists.

We are doing a comparison and a type of research: because they were launched and what the result,” said the director.

Without doing these studies we can not say what will work,” he added.

On the possibility of establishing a limit of visitors, an idea that has been cyclically discussed in Macau given the tourist pressure, Helena de Senna Fernandes maintained that “in practical terms, there will always be difficulties.

Who can go in and who can not get in? How can we make this distinction between people without doing much discrimination? There has to be a deeper thought on both cases,” he concluded.

Tourism in the region grew 211% between 1999 and 2018, from 11.5 to 35.8 million people, according to the authorities.

The Chinese make up the overwhelming majority of the 35 million tourists who visited Macau in 2018.

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