Macau joins experts to discuss Internet and ‘smart city’

Macau organizes the ‘Internet Summit + Smart City 2019’ on 25 and 26 April to reinforce its focus on technology and the exhibition and convention industry, with the presence of experts and academics, the organization announced today.

The goal is to boost the development of industry and technology in the field of applications, explained the chairman of the administrative committee of the Fund for the Development of Science and Technology, which coordinates the initiative, at a press conference.

Ma Chi Ngai underlined the presence of 30 experts and academics, including experts in 5G communication from Spain and in Israel’s network security.

The initiative also included the participation of experts from Chinese companies of global dimension, cases of the senior vice president of Xiaomi Technology, the chief technology officer of Huawei Technologies and the chief scientist of the IoT (Internet of Things) department of Alibaba.

The summit includes two thematic talks, ‘Intelligent People-Oriented City’ and ‘Intelligent City Assessment Indices in the Great Bay’, a Beijing project to create a world metropolis that brings together Macau, Hong Kong and nine Chinese cities in the province of Guangdong, with about 70 million inhabitants.

The event, which will also have six sessions distributed over the two days, responds to “the requirement of moderate diversification of industry raised by the Central Government [China]” and to “collaborate with the Five-Year Development Plan of the Macao Special Administrative Region” (2016- 2020), according to the organization.

The summit is promoted by the Science and Technology Council and is further supported by China’s Internet Development Foundation.

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