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Macau launches database with almost 300 recipes

The official launch of the Macanese Cuisine Database was announced, a project carried out within the scope of the classification of Macau as a Creative City of Gastronomy.

This initiative is part of a cooperation between the Directorate of Tourism Services (DST) and the Cultural Institute (IC) with various entities related to Macanese culture and gastronomy, such as the International Institute of Macau (IIM) and the Institute for Tourism Training (IFT).

This database will be available online for public consultation and has information on 26 books and main publications of Macanese cuisine, as well as data on 19 volumes of manuscripts, which were provided by the IC and collected with the support of IIM.

In addition, 297 recipes from the Macanese Library Website, from IFT, and also from diaspora Macanese from various parts of the world can be consulted.

The website is only available in English and also contains eight videos on Macanese cuisine.

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