Macau Lusophone Festival expects around 25 thousand participants

The organization of the Lusofonia Festival of Macau expects to welcome around 25,000 participants, between October 19 and 21, informed the Cultural Institute (CI) of the territory.

“The event last year lasted 4 days and had about 25,000 participants. This year, the event will last for 3 days and 25,000 people are expected,” said the IC.

Macau authorities highlighted the longevity and success of this festival: “The first edition of the Lusofonia Festival took place in 1998, integrated in the program of activities celebrating the National Day of Portugal, on June 10, in honor of the residents of Portuguese-speaking community residing in Macau for their contribution to the development of the territory. ”

For IC, this festival “has gained such popularity” that it is already one of the biggest cultural events in the territory that “contributed to the promotion of local and international tourism” due to the “diversified program of activities, namely the culture of each community residing in Macau, as gastronomy, music and dance and games for all ages. ”

From October 19, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Goa, Damão and Diu, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe, Timor-Leste and Macao will have exhibitors with handicrafts and typical snacks and drinks together to the Taipa Houses-Museum.

Casa de Portugal highlighted that this year the Portuguese space “will count on the presence of the craftsman Arlindo Moura, from the Filigrana Route, which reconciles this art with cork,” emphasizing the importance of this party in the territory ” for all members of the various Portuguese-speaking communities. ”

Casa do Brasil in Macao is committed to the Brazilian artist Fábio Panone Lopes, who works with graphite, to transform the canarian space into a favela.

“He is going to paint a mini favela, which is a Brazilian reality, so that we can show that there are not only bad things in the favelas, there is also a lot of good things,” Casa do Brasil president Jade Martins.

The Guinean association chose traditional fishing in that country as its theme. “It gives us the opportunity to show our culture and the way families live,” said Grazia Lopes, president of the Guinea-Bissau Guineans and Natural Friends of Macau Association.

On the other hand, Timor-Leste’s association will bet on promoting the country’s tourism, especially “the paradisiacal beaches of the island of Jaco”, because Timor-Leste, “is not only Dili,” said the vice president of Friendship Association Macau-Timor.

The president of the Macao-Cape Verde Friendship Association, Ada Sousa, pointed out that this year the country will emphasize the traditional dances of the country.

Finally, the Angola-Macau Association president, Alexandre Correia da Silva, preferred to highlight the fact that the event “is very important for the Macau community” and that the country’s stand will be some information about Angola.

The Festival of Lusophone is in conjunction with the cultural week of China and Portuguese-speaking countries, which is being held since Monday, with the participation of more than 130 artists with concerts in Largo do Senado, in the heart of Macau, and in the Dock of the Fishermen from Portugal (DAMA), Cape Verde (Grace Évora and Banda), Angola (Paulo Flores), East Timor (Black Jesuz), Mozambique (Moza Band), Brazil (Banda Circulô), Guiné-Bissau ), Sao Tome and Principe (Alex Dinho) and China (Songjiang Folk Art Group).

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