Macau receives 100,000 Sinopharm vaccines

Chinese state pharmaceutical Sinopharm delivered the first batch of 100,000 vaccines in Macau, local authorities said in a statement.

The first vaccines against covid-19 arrived in Macau from Beijing by the pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, the authorities of Macau bought in addition to this the vaccine from Fosun-BioNTech and AstraZeneca.

The Macau health authorities also inform that vaccines may start to be administered in the first half of February.

Vaccines will be free, including for students and non-resident workers, and will not be mandatory. The first to be vaccinated will be health professionals, police officers, firefighters, aviation and public transport professionals, food workers, and travellers to endemic areas.

The Government of Macau has confirmed the purchase of 400,000 vaccines from Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm, from the British laboratory AstraZeneca and BioNtech / Pfizer.

Macau, which only registered 48 cases of covid-19 and no deaths from the pandemic to date.

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