Macau tests smart visitors flow platform in New Year

The Macao Government announced today that it will debut a smart data analysis platform to manage the influx of visitors in the golden week of the Chinese New Year, which last year welcomed nearly a million visitors.

This new system will allow the sending of SMS alerts to tourists, as soon as the direction of the Tourist Services receive estimates of the police on the tourist flow in points neválálicos of the city, in real time.

The golden week (04 to 10 February) will serve as a test for the launch of three projects, planned for this year, in partnership with Alibaba group, in the area of tourism: a platform for exchanging tourism data, the flow of visitors.

The monitoring is done in several areas, such as the exit and entrance of the border posts and in 20 tourist sites, explained the authorities when launching the project.

The Macao Government and the Alibaba group signed a framework agreement in August 2017, which provides for the establishment of a cloud computing center (a set of remote servers housed on the Internet to store, manage and process data instead of local servers or personal computers) and a mega-platform to improve efficiency in areas such as transportation, tourism, health, administration and security.

With a little more than 30 square kilometres and one of the highest population densities in the world, the territory received in 2018 more than 35 million visitors.

Tourism officials in Macao and neighbouring Guangdong province are expected to increase cooperation and information sharing over the next week to “ensure that visitor reception works,” Macao officials said in a statement.

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