Macau Touring Car Racing with new stage

The Macau-China General Automobile Association (AAMC) has not yet announced the news for the 2020 Macau Touring Car Championship (MTCS), but the Zhuzhou International Circuit in Mainland China has announced. on its race calendar for this year’s two “Macau Racing Festivals”
In November, on the eve of the 66th Macau Grand Prix, Chong Coc Veng, AAMC President, told HM in an interview that this year’s MTCS “could be played on a different track. It is a decision that will only be taken after January. But in selecting a runway we take into account different aspects, such as proximity, due to logistics costs, the existence of hospitals, hotels, among others. We think turnover is important so drivers don’t get bored and have a different experience. ”
Having passed the circuit of neighboring Zhuhai City in recent years, the MTCS had been competing at the meager Guangdong International Circuit just outside Zhaoqing City. Circuit limitations – for example, the cars in the new Grand Bay Cup had to be split into two groups – and the willingness of several drivers to compete on a different stage will have weighed in choosing a new track for this season.
Several drivers heard by HM, who preferred to keep their identity confidential until the two “Macau Racing Festivals” at Zhuzhou International Circuit were officially confirmed, welcomed this news. However, everyone is looking forward to receiving accurate and additional transport cost information, as it has a very important weight on team driver budgets.
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