Madeira Island: What to do/see

There is a wide range of opportunities to satisfy your leisure requirements. The Atlantic invites you to go sailing, fishing, whale & dolphin spotting, water skiing, Surfing, diving and of course swimming. Sea temperatures vary between 18 to 24 ºC depending on the time of year. For sub aquatic enthusiasts, the Garajau coastline offers one of Europe’s first underwater nature reserves.

Back on land, there are a vast amount of leisure activities available. For the perfect day out, relax and let someone else do the driving with Madeira coach tours… take a luxury coach to the best parts of the island. See the rugged the North and West, the mountainous South and East or just take half a day for the famous Nun’s Valley Tour.

Levada walks in Madeira are some of the best opportunities to get in tune with the nature, landscape and peace of this island.


If you are looking for coconuts and golden sandy beaches, then with it’s black volcanic sand, Madeira Island is probably not the place for you. However, the island’s beaches are popular for their high standards, crystal clear water and pleasant temperatures.

And golden sand may be found in Calheta and Machico where it has been imported especially!

With many of Madeira’s beaches being pebbled, comfort is not a word that immediately comes to mind. Beach mats are always a good idea!


If people say that there is not much nightlife in Madeira, we have to admit that this is partly true during the week as – and that is the good thing about Madeira – daily life on the island hasn’t submitted yet to the rhythm of a tourist life. The ratio of tourists to locals – who live and work here all year round – is very low, so it is quite understandable that the working and studying population lives their climax of a ‘normal’ week on the weekends and then there are lots of things to do on an enjoyable night out until dawn!
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