Madeirense goes around the world on a sailboat stuffed with toys and wine

Henrique Afonso will deliver dozens of toys to children to deliver to the children of Cape Verde.

[dropcap type=”default”]T[/dropcap]he Madeiran Henrique Afonso, who started on January 15, around the world aboard a sailboat, will deliver, in the coming days, dozens of toys to the children of Cape Verde

In addition to the toys, the solitary navigator, natural of Funchal, also carries with him 200 litres of Madeira Wine, with the aim of re-creating the ‘Wine of the Wheel’ epic.

Henrique’s first stop was in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the Canary Islands, from where he sailed this Sunday to the island of St. Nicholas in Cape Verde, where he should anchor in a week if the wind and the tides help, at a distance that will be around 835 nautical miles, according to the Madeira Newspaper.

The trip, which takes place on a nine-meter-long sailboat, dubbed ‘Sofia of the Sea’, will end in 2020 and can be tracked on Facebook’s Pirate’s Diary account.

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