Madonna ready to return to Lisbon. First concert is on Sunday

After canceling the last concert on American land, the singer is ready to continue the tour and will be visiting Portugal in the coming days.

The performer has eight concerts scheduled for the Coliseu dos Recreios, from January 12 to 23. These shows mark the start of the European tour, which then goes to London where 15 shows are scheduled.

On the social network Instagram, the singer guarantees that ‘Madame’ “returns to Lisbon”, the place “where it all began”. The publication is accompanied by a video where you can see various spaces of the Portuguese capital and hear fado chords.

It is recalled that at the base of the cancellation of the last US concert was an injury that made the singer “cry in pain”. The type of injury that affected Madonna is not known, only doctors are advised to rest.

Already in early November, when the tour was scheduled to begin, Madonna canceled three concerts due to an injury she never identified.

It should also be noted that Madame X is the current tour of the singer, inspired by the namesake album released this year and full of Lusophone influences and the participation of artists she met from her experience in Lisbon.

There are also tickets for concerts in Lisbon and prices range from 75 to 400 euros.

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