Mafalda Creative scheduled for shows in Lisbon and Porto

Mafalda Creative announces shows for Lisbon, on the 2nd of July, at Capitólio and for Porto, on the 8th of July, at the Super Bock Arena.

Mafalda Creative is currently one of the biggest Youtubers and an entertainment phenomenon at national level. In “Rainha da Net – Ao Vivo” he presents us for the first time with a show with content that goes far beyond its online reality.

A disruptive format, in which stand-up comedy gains a new dimension, allying itself with music and moments of interaction and participation by the public and renowned guests, using a strong component of light and image, always in the register of proximity and mood that is so characteristic of him.

In addition to her digital success, Mafalda also proved to be a success as an author with the launch of her first book “A Teenage Girl on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown”, surpassing 10,000 copies sold.

In addition to being a creator, screenwriter, actress, producer and director, she is also an entrepreneur and responsible for the success of her own merchandising line.

After her huge success as a content creator, the young woman now plans to transport that success to some of the most iconic stages in Lisbon and Porto.

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