Mafalda Veiga presents “Esta Canção”

Already available on digital platforms, this single anticipates the release of the new EP “Geografia Particular”

Together with “Óscar”, a single that she released at the end of 2022, the new song is part of an EP of originals that the singer-songwriter has been preparing to release later this semester and which will be called “Geografia Particular”.

Known for songs with which the public easily connects, often for the simplicity and truth of the emotions she portrays, Mafalda Veiga explains that “this song happened to fulfill a promise: the promise to write it before nightfall. It tells itself, explains itself, and apologizes for not intending to be anything more than a song, for not going to save the world, nor the city, nor even “my street”. But, even so, as it emerges on paper and on the guitar, it discovers that it has the greatest of pretensions: it intends to signify the “world” to whom it was promised, to stick to your ear and to your mouth and become so much yours. how can anything be anyone’s.”

And, in this way, “everything finally makes sense”.

The video for the theme “Esta Canção” starts from an original idea by Mafalda Veiga herself: the house as a place of intimacy and creation, her favorite objects that materialize memory and affections, and the attempt to depart from that intimacy to the search of the “other”, of the “others”, of the world around her that Mafalda observes through her father’s old Super 8 as if she wants to be able to register and keep every detail.

André Tentúgal, who directed the music video for the song “Óscar”, filmed and was responsible for the direction and photography, Filipa Leal took Mafalda Veiga’s favorite images and told the story of this song in a montage in which each detail has several layers of meaning and intensity, and Tomás Baltazar (assisted by João Pedro Duarte) put the final touch on the effects and post-production, with overlays that intend to simulate a line of real-time and another of thought, of gestures that are repeated or imagined in the desire to do them.

This was the team that brought to life the concept that the singer-songwriter had for this video and which, like the music itself, proves that “even in the solitude of a house, no song, no life, is written alone”, adds Mafalda Veiga.

The new single features lyrics and music by Mafalda Veiga, accompanied by António Vasconcelos Dias on acoustic guitar, Rodrigo Correia on electric guitar, and Miguel Casais on drums. The production was in charge of Agir, Nelson Carvalho, and Mafalda Veiga herself.

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