Mafalda Veiga is the guest of the new episode of ‘O Avesso da Canção’

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The new episode of “O Avesso da Canção” is now available, a podcast by Luísa Sobral that aims to deepen the art of song writing and make known what inspires Portuguese musicians.

In this eighth episode, the guest is Mafalda Veiga. In 47 minutes, the life path and career of the renowned songwriter, whose roots are spent in family evenings singing Fados, is explored. Her greatest influences, the composition process, and the legacy she leaves for the new generation of Portuguese singers are also addressed.

The first season of “O Avesso da Canção” already has more than twenty thousand auditions and will have four more episodes and the same number of guests, whose names are yet to be revealed. The choice of respondents aims to include several generations, multiple genres and musical paths, and different ways of composing. In the previous episodes Luísa talked to Capicua, Carolina Deslandes, David Fonseca, Diogo Piçarra, João Monge, Miguel Araújo, and Pedro da Silva Martins.

The new episodes of ‘O Avesso da Canção’ are available every Thursday on digital platforms and on the official website of Luísa Sobral.

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