Mafra Palace has miniature built from laser technology

The Palace of Mafra is the first monument protected by the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage (DGCP) to have a miniature built from laser technology used by architects in the three-dimensional reproduction of existing buildings, said the body.

The palace’s contemporary mock-up is presented on Thursday and concludes the celebrations of the tricentenary of the launching of the monument’s first stone.

The miniature was built by the workshops of Manuel Gaspar, after the Center for Research in Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD), Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, made observations, measurements, a photographic survey of all positions of the monument and a three-dimensional laser scan.

This modern technique “allowed a meticulous measurement and graphic transcription of all the components of the facades of the Royal Building, as well as of its architectural form”, resulting in the reliable construction of a miniature of the monument, explained the DGPC.

The study and execution of the model were supported by patrons.

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