More than 90% of candidates choose Politécnico de Setúbal as their 1st option

Occupancy rate achieved in the National Access Contest rises to 82.2%

The Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) will receive 995 new students this school year, according to the already known results of the 1st phase of the National Competition for Access to Higher Education (CNA) for 2022/2023.

With 1210 places up for competition, 61 less than those made available in 2021/2022, the educational institution thus achieves an occupancy rate of 82.2%, registering an increase of more than three percentage points and the total filling in 21 degrees, of a total of 29 open to applications.

As subject areas with the greatest demand this year, Business Sciences, Health, and Education stand out, with the respective schools (ESCE/IPS, ESS/IPS, and ESE/IPS) filling all the places in the competition. Another relevant data concerns the candidates who chose the IPS as their first option, whose number reached 91.8%, a value that undergoes a significant increase compared to the previous year.

For the president of the IPS, Ângela Lemos, the results now achieved “reveal a clear option of candidates and their families for a quality Higher Education”, and allow “to reaffirm the IPS in its region of influence and in the nation as a whole as an institution that contributes, in a very relevant way, for the reinforcement of the qualifications of the populations and for the territorial cohesion”.

It should be remembered that, in addition to the students placed in the National Access Competition in all its three phases, the total number to be registered in 2022/2023 will also include those who will be admitted through local competitions, special access regimes, technical courses professional superiors (CTeSP), short courses, micro-credentials, postgraduate and master’s degrees, with an estimated total of 4,234 new students in this new academic year.

For the 2nd phase of the CNA, whose application period starts tomorrow, the 12th, and runs until the 23rd of September, the IPS offers a total of 228 vacancies. At this stage, 49,806 new students have already been admitted to public higher education at national level, which corresponds to an increase of 0.7% compared to the same stage of the 2021 competition.

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