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Another fantastic day at Festival F


The second day had many excellent concerts with Hybrid Theory and Mariza filling the Ria stage, but Jafumega, Bezegol, Tó Trips, and Da Chick, gave excellent concerts, with many fans attending and filling the spaces, there was even a queue to get in.

Yesterday the festival had the help of the weather, with a mild temperature and no rain, which allowed all festival-goers to move more easily between stages, through the historic area of Faro.

The PEACOCKS opened the festival on the Arco stage, while the Musicians stage featured the presence of Nebuchadnezzar and the wonderful songs of Zé Manuel Martins & Tunko Goulart, while on the Museu stage the night featured the presence of Pedro do Vale, Valter Lobo and a flood of people with a queue to see Tó Trips, in another fantastic concert at Festival F, the musician was brilliant on stage.

The Magisterio stage opened with Nannook o Vagabundo, a local artist, then received Xtinto and You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown, the Castelo stage received funk from the fantastic Da Chick, who also had a room full of fans who welcomed her, and they danced throughout the night, despite the high humidity, Bianca Barros opened the stage Quintalão, the singer who made herself known to the public in The Voice Portugal competition, had a legion of fans who sang with her from start to finish, Diana Castro and André Rocha Vaz, Sippinpurp, also took to the stage, and performed his rap in the early hours of the morning.

Once again the Sé stage and Ria stage had the biggest attractions of the second day, Mariza, Hybrid Theory, and Bispo were on the large Ria stage, while at , Jafumega, Bezegol and David Bruno were present.

Mariza, as we know, conquers any audience, and at Festival F, there was a sea of people to see her, who received her with great affection, song after song, the emotion was great and the fados are beautiful and always “new“. The phenomenon Hybrid Theory, a Linkin Park tribute band, as always has a legion of fans to listen to them and remember the many songs of the American rock band. They are truly one of the best or perhaps even the best Linkin Park tribute band, The stage closed with Bispo, one of the biggest names in national music, continuing to dance to the sound of Pete Tha Zouk.

On the Ria stage, we can see Jafumega, who had an audience of all ages receiving them, and despite their age, that is telling everyone, especially those who listened to them and followed them in the 80s, with a lot of to be present, as expected, but also younger generations, knew the themes and sang and danced with them. Bezegol followed, who unsurprisingly had an almost full room to listen to him, his songs to the reggae rhythm, conquer anyone, with the incisive and corrosive lyrics, which make us think, the stage closed with the sensation, David Bruno, where there is always a full house wherever you go, fun and good mood are guaranteed, with music that “forces” you to dance and which ended early in the morning.

A festival that continues to win over the public, whether from the Algarve or not, with many foreigners allowing themselves to be won over and of course all the Portuguese who are still on holiday enjoying the snacks and national music, the conviviality always with a cold drink in the hand.

The last day has arrived and you can see:

September 9th
07:30 pm • Arc < PEACOCKS
08:00 pm • Musicians < Nebuchadnezzar
08:15 pm • Museum < Pedro do Vale
09:00 pm • Sé < Jafumega
09:45 pm • Ria < Mariza
09:45 pm • Museum < Valter Lobo
10:00 pm • Teaching < Nannook the Tramp
10:30 pm • Quintalão < Bianca Barros
11:00 pm • Sé < Bezegol
11:00 pm • Musicians < Zé Manuel Martins & Tunko Goulart
11:30 pm • Museum < Tó Trips
11:45 pm • Teaching < Xtinto
11:45 pm • Ria < Hybrid Theory
00:00 am • Castle < Da Chick
00:15 am • Quintalão < Diana Castro
01h00 am • Sé < David Bruno
01h00 am • Musicians < Celeste Mariposa
01h30 am • Ria < Bishop
01:45 am • Teaching You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown
02:15 am • Quintalão Sippinpurp

On a farewell day to the 8th edition of the festival, the public can also visit the exhibitions at the Municipal Museum of Faro, Galeria Trem, and Galeria Arco, or take the younger ones to experience the recreational-pedagogical activities at Fagar Kids F, among the vast offer available. At 7:15 pm, Ricardo Ribeiro and Noiserv join Rui Miguel Abreu for another gathering with the motto “Let’s talk about music”. At 8:30 pm, television presenter Vanessa Oliveira and former Masterchef competitor Rodrigo Meneses will try to reach a consensus on whether “Is cooking an act of love or pure selfishness?” in a debate that is moderated by journalist and gastronome Nuno Miguel Dias.

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