Majority of Portuguese admits changing their habits due to Covid-19

The Portuguese are concerned with the coronavirus and admit to changing their habits. Altogether, 79.6% think of working from home if the epidemic arrives, to which are added 70.4% who are prepared to reinforce home purchases and 63.2% who admit to not going to events in the future next.

The data are from a study carried out by – the research agency – in partnership with Guess What, which also wanted to know the level of knowledge of national citizens on this topic. Of all respondents, 87.5% consider themselves to be enlightened on the topic, with an even higher percentage claiming to know the symptoms (92.1%). However, only 27% identify tiredness as a symptom and only 24.3% do so in relation to muscle pain.

Calling the Health Line 24 is the behavior that 71.8% say they follow in case of suspected infection, with 61.3% assuming isolation. Even so, one in five (20.5%) admitted to going to the hospital, with 19.9% ​​talking about wearing masks, both advised against by specialists.

Despite the volume of news on the topic, 52.6% of respondents do not feel alarmed, with the majority (70.4%) confident in the information provided by health authorities.

The study was carried out using CATI (Telephone) and CAWI (online) methods to a database of users registered on the platform. 1000 responses were collected and validated between the 2nd and 8th of March.

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