Mala Voadora takes ‘Moçambique’ and ‘Amazónia’ to Guimarães

The pieces “Moçambique” and “Amazónia”, a diptych of the company Mala Voadora, will go on Thursday and Saturday, respectively, to the Vila Flor Cultural Center, in Guimarães, the company said today.

The theater is the protagonist of the program of the Cultural Center in the last week of September, when the organization celebrates the 13th anniversary, receiving two pieces of the company directed by Jorge Andrade.

‘Mozambique’, on the scene on Thursday, was awarded by the Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA) in 2017 as Best Show.

In this play, Jorge Andrade – born in Mozambique and resident in Portugal since the age of four – constructs a biography as if he had remained in that African country and, to make history more credible, imposes his personal history on the country.

Jorge Andrade also ends up being part of the political vicissitudes of the country, of its situation, in the context of the Cold War, as well as within the international economy to which the country was subject, after becoming independent.

‘Moçambique’ is a show in which six actors pretend to be Mozambicans, during which they discuss the history of the country as they construct the narrative, in a record that comes close to satire and comedy.



According to Jorge Andrade, the founder of Mala Voadora and director of the play, ‘Moçambique’ is part of its life story, even if invented, resulting in a speculative terrain for what could have been and has not been.

Built on top of a real situation – which could have profoundly altered his life path when, in 1974, he was about to be offered by his mother to his aunt, who remained in this brother country after that date – the story elaborated by Jorge Andrade is then fictionalized in order to touch historical-political questions and reflecting on a number of others.

On the 29th, it is the turn of ‘Amazonia’, a play that is a sequel to ‘Moçambique’ and in which the same group of characters venture into the Amazon rainforest, again with Jorge Andrade’s story and staging.

The desire to break new ground and to civilize the Amazon region serves as a motto for this work, during which the actors are faced with the degradation of the forest, resulting from the construction, consumption of luxury goods such as Cartier watches or the controversial brand Monsanto , the largest producer of pesticides in the world, meanwhile acquired by the German brand Bayer.

Although it is a daydream, ‘Amazonia’ is also not, according to the director, a joke with what is not mastered.

Between now and Thursday, the Vila Flor Cultural Center, taking advantage of the presence of the Mala Voadora in Guimarães, also gives the opportunity to get to know the work processes of its directors, the actor and director Jorge Andrade and the set designer José Capela , through a Creation Workshop, aimed at creators and directors.

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