Malaboos anticipates new album “Nada Cénico” with video clip

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Nascente“, composed in the summer of 2019, is the heat of the album and the new single from the album Nada Cénico. It is music that always feels good to hear in the car, on a hot day. Or maybe even dance.

The guitar delays act as the rising tides in the sand, the notes flow as the waves unfold, the bass affirms a vibrant and dancing tempo and the drums establishes the music’s march until the final chaotic explosion.

“With so many people here! And I see no one” establishes the desperate environment of incommunication and isolation even when surrounded by human heat, while the refrain “If I don’t know, the wind shatters, on the back of those who torment calm”, invokes disorder to end with the sunset dance, “West”. And so the cycle repeats. It is forbidden not to stomp!

In 3.0 format, MALABOOS presents its true and renewed sound. The new album Nada Cénico explores the symbiosis between the hardness, rawness and robustness of Rock Avant-Garde with the delicacy and experimentalism of Art-Rock, reflecting the synergies created between the strength of its youth and the maturity gained in the already vast musical experience.

Nada Cénico, the first long run to be released on May 28, 2021, is the result of a period of metamorphosis of the band, which today presents a more solid and assumed form.

When there is nothing, you will always find more than you would expect. Among landscapes without feeling but with texture, we find our refuge. The destructive and pessimistic philosophy of interpretation is thus camouflaged with intonations and singing melodies, thus making this album a fusion of beautiful riffs, with heavy and marked drum beats. The constant oscillations of dynamics and abrupt changes in time establish the limbo between calm and chaos, feelings that cause a pleasant psychological massacre.

Nada Cénico praises and exaggerates all human feelings, from the banalest to the most unusual, thus making it a safe place for the release of emotions and the joint journey through the constant loneliness present in us.

This album is a blank canvas, it is up to the viewer to outline their own route during this troubled journey, among green landscapes, to the charm of the sea to the bottom of a dark well. Everything is possible, everything is valid, everything and nothing coexists in the same auditory universe, thus creating the possibility of an abstract stain in our utopian world.

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