MALABOOS release new video clip “TudôNada”

“TudôNada” is the second track on the album Nada Cénico, by MALABOOS.

This song was the last theme to be built by MALABOOS: its composition arises from a process of “cutting and sewing”, the joining of various ideas, whether rhythmic, melodic and harmonic, with the aim of trying to create a broken but functional music.

The title of the song, as well as the video, reveal the band’s will and ambition to achieve great things and their constant struggle as art creators and the instability experienced within its 4 walls.

The theme was recorded, mixed and mastered at ADRIFT Studio, by André Gonçalves. The video was made by Rodrigo Fernandes and edited by Pedro Oliveira.

In 3.0 format, MALABOOS presents its true and renewed sound. The new album Nada Cénico explores the symbiosis between the hardness, rawness and robustness of Rock Avant-Garde with the delicacy and experimentalism of Art-Rock, reflecting the synergies created between the strength of its youth and the maturity gained in the already vast musical experience.

Nothing scenic, first feature length edited on May 28, 2021, is the result of a period of metamorphosis by the band, which today presents a more solid and assumed form.

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