Mallina presents “Nas Tuas Mãos”

After the release of ESPELHO, her debut EP, ‘Enchanted Moura from the South’ brings us the irreverent single “Nas Tuas Mãos” which shows us the race this ‘girl’ MALLINA is made of.

She won over the Lisbon public, in a hot and full Musicbox, at the end of last year, and has since been preparing the next big project that starts with this Electronic Pop to loosen up the bodies and dance, but always with the usual attention of the artist, delicate themes but danced and sung, so that they become light but never ignored.

“Nas Tuas Mãos” is a Jersey beat mixed with influences from Fado and Electronic Pop that, in the artist’s words, “uses even the most repressed feelings to dance”.

“This song wasn’t even supposed to be written. But in conversation with friends, I realized that I was not alone on the topic of ‘harassment’. It had happened to all of us in some way. This is how this song was born, which talks about a pair of hands that goes beyond the limit that is allowed and that cancels, takes away, hurts and changes forever, with the impact it has on the body of those who are robbed of their freedom.” says the artist about the new single.

It is in the motto “dance our pains” that the artist praises the strength that we can overcome even the darkest challenges and still dance and sing them. To make this possible, and in an attempt to be that VOICE that speaks for everyone who has in some way gone through the same thing, MALLINA teamed up with DØR and Alex Sweeney to achieve the production sound she intended for the song, and told with the help of Brisa, on the lyrics of the song.

Just as she has accustomed us, MALLINA never gives us her art only on a sound level but always with an impactful and distinct visual component. The photographic production and music video are inspired by statues and inanimate objects, to show the feeling of being objectified. The entire video is set in a release of tension and features shots where the hands of several people with a lot of life go beyond their limit of touch, thus showing hands that are taken without asking and that mark us forever. To cover her body in a large part of the video, and also in the single’s cover photo, MALLINA uses a long, metallic fabric, which in addition to bringing an industrial and polished effect, symbolizes protection and defence, in case of risk.

This is how we realize that, aesthetically, the artist tries to mix the bizarre with the editorial, always trying to give her Pop Culture and Fashion notes to the images she produces. For this video clip and the entire aesthetic to happen, it counted on the precious vision of photographer Tatiana Saavedra, and Andreia Pereira da Silva, in the video and editing.

“I really want to dance this song with all the people who have been robbed by a pair of hands. Be that, consent, respect, personal space, mental health. I use the motto “Dance to advance! Use it too” a lot, which is MALLINA’s desire with this new single.

MALLINA will present this single for the first time live on June 20th, in a unique concert at ESPAÇO MOCHE, curated by Estúdio Zeco and three special guests: Lázaro, Peculiar and Alex D’alva. A wave from the south will invade Lisbon again, bringing the good hospitality that characterizes it so much.

“Nas Tuas Mãos” is now available on all digital platforms and throughout 2024 we can expect several releases, culminating in a project due out in 2025.

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