Malta’s most extraordinary legends

Malta is a country full of stories in every corner of its islands, caves, cathedrals, fortifications, tunnels and underground chambers, are some of the stages of unique narratives.

In this archipelago, one can learn incredible centuries-old myths and slow-moving ones that make this archipelago a fascinating place.

Ricasoli Fort

Il-Hares is the scary character that haunts this fortification. According to legend, Il-Hares revealed to two men the location of a treasure on the condition that they keep it a secret.

Ignoring the counterpart, the two adventurers did not follow the imposed condition, disclosing to others the existence of the treasure.

Upon returning to the site, instead gold found only coal. Il-Hares reappeared to avenge his disloyalty.



A recent legend from the 1930s hangs over this monument. According to her, a British embassy worker, Lois Jessup, was visiting the place with a group of friends.

After the end of a guided tour, Lois and the rest of the group decided to continue exploring the cave on their own.

Upon reaching a moat, everyone present claims to have seen a group of giants walking through the cave moat.


Sao Angelo Fort

This monument is one of the most important sites of the Maltese military heritage.

When the Knights of the Order of St. John arrived on the island in 1530, the fort became the seat of the Grand Master of the Order and played a very important role during the Great Siege.

Near the monument, Ottoman soldiers were beheaded and their heads used as cannonballs.

Islanders believe the Fort, and surrounding area is haunted by the spirits of the Ottoman soldiers who fell into the siege.


St. Paul’s Cathedral, Mdina

The story goes that the ship where St. Paul was being held prisoner on his way to Rome was wrecked off the coast of Malta.

It was this apostle who was responsible for introducing the Catholic religion into equipetalus.

According to tradition, St. Paul took refuge after the wreck in underground caves that are now known as Catacombs of St. Paul in Rabat.

Later, the apostle was invited to Publio’s house in Mdina, the highest Roman authority of the islands. It was in that place that St. Paul healed him from a severe fever.

Publius is believed to have, after such a feat, converted to Christianity and was named the first bishop of Malta. Mdina Cathedral was built on the site of his home.


Malta is one of the best-kept secrets in the Mediterranean

With 7,000 years of history and one of the best climates in Europe, two hours away, a movie destination awaits you!

The Maltese Islands – Malta, Gozo, and Comino – offer numerous attractions.

From archaeological sites, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, there are countless nooks chosen as the scenery of films such as Troy, Gladiator, Munich, The Count of Monte Cristo, Vicky – The Vicking and, most recently, the Alejandro Amenábar film.

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