Mama Shelter arrives in Lisbon

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Mama Shelter, the unique French brand of bold, colorful and fun hotels, is arriving in Lisbon and will inaugurate the first hotel in the Iberian Peninsula: Mama Lisboa is scheduled to open in January 2022.

Mama Shelter is a family business that has revolutionized the hospitality market with an eccentric, sassy, ​​lively and accessible approach to hospitality. Founded in Paris in 2008 by the Trigano family (Co-founders of Club Med), Mama Shelter offers guests a mix of shared fun, accessibility and exceptional service in cities and neighborhoods with unique histories.

Mama Lisboa will be located in the heart of Lisbon, between the vibrant Príncipe Real and the monumental Praça do Marquês de Pombal, and at a distance of 10 minutes from Parque Eduardo VIII and its extraordinary descending view over the city. At Mama Lisboa, guests will be within walking distance of attractions and historical treasures ready to be discovered. Among traditional cafes and cultural institutions, close to the iconic Jardim Botânico and the famous Avenida da Liberdade, Mama Lisboa will be immersed in the dynamic spirit of the city, offering a true Lisbon experience.

Like the Portuguese capital, Mama Lisboa will be characterized by an energetic and colorful spirit, accompanied by distinctive elements, tailor-made to produce an environment (almost) as unique as that of Cidade das Sete Colinas. Bringing the spirit of the capital to life, Mama Shelter will seek to be a space where travelers and locals can come together to share diverse experiences. The hotel will always be open to customers who just want to visit the rooftop and the restaurant – a central point in the concept of Mama Lisboa, whose co-founder, Serge Trigano, defines it as “a restaurant with rooms above”.

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