Manel Cruz, Glockenwise and Alice Phoebe Lou on stages at Centro Cultural Vila Flor

Concerts take place in Guimarães on October 16, 29 and 30

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After the theater and dance, music takes over the programming of Centro Cultural Vila Flor in the last weeks of October. On the 16th, in a long-awaited concert, Manel Cruz takes the stage of the Grand Auditorium of CCVF to present his latest album, “Vida Nova”. On October 29th, it is the turn of the Café Concerto in the cultural space of Guimarães to receive Glockenwise, followed by Alice Phoebe Lou, on October 30th, who brings her latest project in her luggage.

After a seven-year hiatus, “Vida Nova”, the new album by Manel Cruz released in April 2020, marked the return of the former singer of Ornatos Violeta, Pluto, Foge Foge Bandido and Supernada. With lyrics, music and image by Manel Cruz, the album consists of 12 songs and is accompanied by a book whose content complements the artistic work and has already shown the world the singles “Ainda Não Acabei”, “Beija-Flor”, “Cães e Ossos” and “O Navio Dela”. As a consequence of the desire to return to the studio and the stage, “Vida Nova” was composed mostly on the ukulele. A return to origins that pleased Manel Cruz, who finally performed at the Grand Auditorium of the CCVF, on October 16, at 7:30 pm.

Also at the CCVF, the music extends to the Café Concerto, which hosts the Barcelona band Glockenwise on October 29, from 10 pm. The Glockenwise are Nuno Rodrigues, Rafael Ferreira and Rui Fiúsa. They were 16 years old when they started making music, inheriting the spirit of the famous “Barcelos scene”. After three albums, “Bulding Waves” (2011), “Leeches” (2013) and “Heat” (2015), they bet everything on reinventing themselves and won. They swept the national tops with what is the best album of their career and the first completely sung in Portuguese. Released in 2018, “Plástico” – the album that will be at the center of this concert – is a testament to the band’s maturity and unequivocal proof that there is a lot to see and hear in this Portugal that exists outside the big urban centers.

This effervescent path of music that embraces us in this early autumn also offers us the return to Portugal of Alice Phoebe Lou, who is getting ready to release a new album in the spring of next year. In her bag, she promises to bring soul, blues and jazz sounds mixed with her fierce and catchy approach that has captured the attention of music lovers around the world. After the success of Paper Castles (2019), the young South African decided to break the lack of music caused by the pandemic and venture with a new album, whose theme “Witches” is already known. Accompanying this debut, Alice Phoebe Lou shares the documentary directed by Julian Culverhouse that shows the entire creative and production process of her latest studio album. A show to see and hear on the biggest stage at Centro Cultural Vila Flor on October 30th, at 7:30 pm.

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