Manel Cruz in great shape at Maria Matos Theater

Manel Cruz, solo but well accompanied, was at the Maria Matos Theater for a great concert,  the former vocalist of Ornatos Violeta, Pluto, Foge Foge Bandido and Supernada, brought “Vida Nova” in a return to the origins that resulted in very personalized and strong songs and we hope that new records will arrive soon.

The thankful musician, for being on stage, when we are grappling with this pandemic. “We have to minimize the damage, but the damage here also exists,” he said while pointing at his head.

A concert, sometimes a little black, but with very strong and vibrant moments, had small statements at the beginning of the themes, such as Anibal Cavaco Silva about having a profession for life, which he resulted in smiles around the room.

With a more Rock tone, Manuel Cruz, took us on a journey through his themes, and fulfilling the use of the mask, he even strolled along the side with the public, in “Eleva!” music with which he started the concert as if trying to purify the spirits of those present, declaimed the text of a Brazilian pastor.

In front of a fan audience, who applauded, commented and intervened in the concert, and for the delight of the musicians on stage, many themes were presented on stage, “Canção da Canção Triste”, “Entre das Pedras”, “A Dor de Ter de Errar”, “Libelinha” and the new theme “Pode Beijar a Noiva“.

In “Tirem O Macaco da Prisão”, always wearing a mask, he returned to be with the audience walking along the sides in a moment of freedom.

Manel Cruz on stage with Nicolas Tricot on keyboards, António Sérginho on drums and percussion and Eduardo Silva on bass, the first concert by Produtores Associados at Teatro Maria Matos, and which also includes concerts by Lena dÁgua on 18 November, Cais Sodré Funk Connection with Paulo de Carvalho as a guest on the 30th of this month, followed by A Garota Não on the 2nd, and Luta Livre on the 21st of December.

It was with “O Navio Dela”, the theme of the last album that Manel Cruz said goodbye to the audience that filled the room, according to the new rules, and who on foot thanked him with applause for the excellent concert.

Manel Cruz also mentioned that “It never hurts to remember that we have the right to be here” and “It is not a sin. We have to minimize the damage, but the damage here”, but pointing to your head, “also exist.

Set List

  • Eleva!
  • Canção da Canção Triste
  • Entre as Pedras
  • A Dor de Ter de Errar
  • Libelinha
  • Pode Beijar a Noiva (canção nova)
  • Ainda Não Acabei
  • Ovo
  • A Invenção da Tarde
  • Cães e Ossos
  • Anjo Incrível
  • Missa
  • Beija Flor
  • Vida Nova
  • A Cisma
  • Estou Pronto
  • Buraco
  • Reboque
  • Não Aldrabes
  • Onan
  • Maluco
  • Tirem O Macaco da Prisão


  • Onde Estou Eu
  • O Navio Dela
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